Indian Railways will announce to operate 100 More Trains

Indian Railways will announce to operate 100 More Trains

Indian Railways is expected to announce the operation of nearly 100 more trains including Interstate and domestic trains, soon.

As per the sources, the Rail Ministry of India wanted to move on from the Home Office. All of these trains will be called as “special trains”.

Currently, only 230 express trains are in service, including 30 Rajdhani type trains.

Sources confirm that the timing of these trains will remain the same and won’t change in the upcoming new time table.

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Also, previously, The Ministry of Railways had announced pointing at rising demand and the situation in Coronavirus (COVID-19), more trains will be operating soon in a phased manner.

With Unlock 4.0’s announcement and Metro Rail services starting in September, there is a high chance that the working people will move from one location to another in large numbers.

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