Shahzad Ali, who opposed the CAA in Shaheen Bagh, joined the BJP

Shahzad Ali, who opposed the CAA in Shaheen Bagh, joined the BJP

Shahzad Ali, a social activist from Shaheen Bagh who has been at the center of protests and demonstrations against the citizenship law, has joined the BJP. BJP state presidents Aadesh Gupta and Shyam Jaju have given him party membership. We will sit with those who consider the BJP as our enemy over the CAA’s concerns

BJP president Aadesh Gupta said the party wants to bring all Muslim brothers into the mainstream of development. “Today, hundreds of Muslim brothers have joined the party. They know that there is no discrimination against Muslims here and we want to bring them into the mainstream of development,” he said.

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“I would like to congratulate all the women who have joined the party in view of the steps taken by Prime Minister Modi on the issue of triple divorce,” Gupta said. “Every Muslim knows that no one needs to prove nationality.”

“Whenever there is talk of CAA, some political parties try to mislead Muslims but every Muslim in the country knows that there is no need to prove anything. No one will be deprived of the right to vote and citizenship. They got justice from this party.” A large number of Muslims who joined the Shaheen Bagh demonstration have joined the BJP after realizing that it is possible.

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