Indian Railways announced 200 More Special Trains for This Festive Season

Indian Railways announced 200 More Special Trains for This Festive Season

Indian Railways announced on Thursday that it’d be introducing 200 special trains between October 15 and November 30 to affect the Christmas rush of passengers meet.

In good news for passengers going to travel during the festive seasons, Railway Committee Chairman and CEO VK Yadav said the railways have decided to undertake to try to do a daily inventory of passenger services, relying on the wants of state governments and standing the pandemic.

“We held meetings with the general managers of the zones and instructed them to speak to the local administration and check the status of Covid-19. you’ve been asked to supply us a report after which we’ll decide what percentage trains are often introduced during the holiday season. We currently assume that we’ll frolic 200 trains, but it’s an estimate that the quantity could be higher, ”said Yadav during a virtual press conference.

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In particular, on Annunciation, following the Covid-19 pandemic, Indian Railways suspended all regular passenger, mail, and express trains indefinitely.

To transport stranded migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, and students during the lockdown, the national transporter started special Shramik trains on May Day. From May 12, 15 pairs of air-conditioned special trains were launched, followed by 100 pairs of trains from June 1 and 80 more pairs from September 1.

The railways put 20 pairs of clone trains into operation as of September 12th.

“As far as passenger trains are concerned, things now are that we’ll analyze the requirements of trains, the traffic patterns and Covid-19 status on each day today. Wherever there is a requirement we’ll run trains,” he said.

(With inputs and reported from IANS)

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