Home Minister Amit Shah recovered from the Coronavirus

Home Minister Amit Shah recovered from the Coronavirus

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has fully recovered from the Coronavirus and has been discharged from the AIIMS hospital here today. The AIIMS said in a statement on Sunday that Home Minister Amit Shah has recovered from the corona.

Amit Shah tweeted on August 3 that he had contracted the coronavirus. He was isolated at home but was admitted to Delhi’s AIIMS hospital on August 15 after complaining of a mild fever. He was treated there for about 15 days.

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It is to be noted that the number of people who have contracted COVID-19  infections in India has crossed 3 lakh. In the last 3 hours, 4.5 people have recovered from the corona. 4.5 times more people have recovered from corona active cases. On the other hand, the death rate has remained at 1.5 percent. It has also come to light that the number of patients undergoing treatment is only 31.50 percent of the total number of infected people.

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