T-Series sues video platform ‘Roposo’ for Copyright Infringement

T-Series sues video platform ‘Roposo’ for Copyright Infringement

The music label T-Series has filed a lawsuit against the TikTok-like short video platform Roposo.


The lawsuit, filed in the Delhi High Court and reviewed by ET, alleges that Roposo is “blatantly, extensively and wilfully” infringing on T-Series’ copyrighted works.

“The app violates content among the user-generated content. They offer our music in their library and entice users to upload our content for cash rewards. Your venture capitalists have not done due diligence, they are hand in hand, ”T-series president Neeraj Kalyan was quoted by ET as saying.

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According to the report, Roposo is extracting songs from its users’ devices to fuel its music library. Roposo allegedly uses these tracks as if they had permission to do so.

Another report from Bollywood entertainment website Bollywood Hungama reveals that Roposo created video commercials, contests, and effects and filters using T-series songs.

“We expect a company that is backed by global investors like Tiger Global and Bertelsmann, and operated and operated by global names like Glance InMobi, to be aware of the law and consider market realities,” added Kalyan.


In short, the T-Series wants Roposo to either stop offering its songs or sign a licensing agreement to legally offer the company’s music library.

This is not the first time such an incident has occurred. Last year, the T-series allegedly sued ShareChat for copyright infringement.

The video platform licensed the T-series catalog earlier this week.


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