Sushant Singh Case: 15 Bollywood Celebrity on NCB’s radar, investigation reveals

Sushant Singh Case: 15 Bollywood Celebrity on NCB’s radar, investigation reveals

Riya Chakraborty and her brother Shovik, who was arrested after a drug angle in the Sushant Singh death case, were granted bail today. The court rejected the bail application for the second time in a row. Mumbai Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on Thursday reserved judgment.

As per the sources, 15 Bollywood celebrities are under the Narcotics Control Bureau’s (NCB) radar after actress Rhea Chakraborty took their names in front of the investigating agency officials. These celebrities, all of whom are ‘B-grade’ actors, have been accused of consuming and procuring drugs.

Rhea appealed to the Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court after her bail application was rejected, which was also rejected. The court has denied bail to six accused, including Rhea. Judge JB Gurve said it was a serious crime and needed to be investigated.

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The NCB (Bureau of Narcotics Control) arrested Rhea on Tuesday. ED, on the other hand, may file a new case against Riya. Riya Chakraborty’s bail application was denied for the second time in a row. Riya Chakraborty will now spend three days in Mumbai’s Byculla jail.

Riya’s lawyer Satish Manshinde had asked her to file an application in the High Court next week. In the meantime, some new things have come up in the drugs case.

It is said that Sushant wanted to spend some time at Riya’s house in Lockdown. That’s why a courier was sent from Sushant’s house to Rihanna’s house.

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