PUBG Mobile India’s possible comeback: Reactions from the gaming community

PUBG Mobile India’s possible comeback: Reactions from the gaming community

For gamers and YouTube streamers, this comes nearly as good news given the PUBG ban hit all of them laborious. “After the ban, most of the streamers and e-sports players were on the sting to search out a brand new game that the audience might relate to,” PUBG Mobile YouTube streamer Salman Ahmad A.K.A. 8bit MAMBA, told “They were afraid that PUBG Mobile wouldn’t be creating a comeback for a minimum of eight to 9 months.”

According to Hemant Middha, ex-team member in team SouL with the gamer tag SouL Frost, “The ban on the sport was all of a unexpected, as everything was going nice. All of the community was in an exceedingly shock, however it had been type of expected.”

Ahmad points out that for the Indian vice audience, no alternative game has been able to take PUBG Mobile’s place. Alternatives like Free fireplace or ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ failed to see the type of manic disorder that PUBG generated.

“People are trying to find a familiarity with the sport, that isn’t on the market with alternatives like decision of Duty: Mobile,” he found out. He predicts the new PUBG game can “see a large flow of Indian gamers flooding back and multiple new gamers connexion in on the fun.” In his read, players were “not able to relate to alternative games, and square measure trying to find a association in them that’s not there.”

“Games like decision of Duty: Mobile (CODM) failed to even market themselves properly. They failed to host gamer meets or command major tournaments. PUBG Mobile excelled the least bit of this once it had been on the market within the country. Staging and international staging is incredibly necessary,” he added.

In his read, the sole game that might stand the check of your time might be Valorant. The reason: the mechanics square measure just like Counter-Strike, a game that the majority Indian gamers have compete at some purpose in their lives.

Hemant agrees on PUBG Mobile’s dominance in Asian country, even when the ban. “Neither decision of Duty: Mobile nor Free fireplace has the audience as massive as PUBG Mobile, because of that in Asian country solely PUBG Mobile can rule,” he said. He another that the majority of his friends square measure still enjoying PUBG Mobile, even when attempting their hands at games like CODM, whether or not or not it’s the Korean version or the worldwide version services.”

“We essentially don’t see any real distinction between what was and what’s going to are available in. It’s identical game play with some cosmetic changes that suit Indian sensibilities. The love for the genre and also the gameplay isn’t forgotten. the sport are going to be back with identical fervour for the core community,” Akshat Rathee, MD & Co-Founder at NODWIN vice told

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According to Piyush Kumar, business executive & Founder, Rooter, that is associate degree Indian vice and sports video app, “PUBG has compete a really necessary role within the evolution of the vice sector in Asian country. it’s a once in an exceedingly period of time reasonably game.”

But the PUBG Mobile scene are going to be terribly totally different once it returns to Asian country. Ahmad points out that some players would have left the scene, because of factors like studies, alternative careers, etc. “Some may need turned rusty. this might leave them pissed off and push them to go away the sport,” he said. He adds that a number of the key players may not come given there’ll be no international competitions with massive award hooked up to them.

Hemant, however, is a lot of hopeful. “The outlook for the sport is nice solely. It’s simply that regardless of the competitions that were being command with the worldwide version, they won’t be there within the Indian version. there’ll be tournaments for the Indian version, then then, they’ll collaborate with the worldwide version, in an exceedingly similar fashion to the Korean version,” he said.

“PUBG may be a game, that anyone will play, whether or not or not it’s someone enjoying for passing the time or somebody enjoying seriously within the esports community. because of that everybody within the community is trying forward to the game’s comeback,” he said.


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