Memes about the relationship between brothers and sisters flood social media on Bhai Dooj

Memes about the relationship between brothers and sisters flood social media on Bhai Dooj

the relationship between brothers and sisters, which will generally be one in every of love and hate, is what individuals square measure celebrating on social media on the occasion of Bhai Dooj. excluding greetings and desires, there have been many jokes.

The competition that celebrates the bond between siblings saw hashtage #BhaiDuj and #BhaiyaDooj trending on Twitter, with several sharing memes that they claim captures actuality essence of the link.

While several shared memes and GIFs concerning sisters changing into made once receiving gifts and money, some additionally joked concerning however moving it absolutely was to possess their younger relation show them respect “just for at some point of the year”.

Happy #BhaiDooj everybody !! If you haven’t done this, you have got uncomprehensible the terribly essence of life !!

— 𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓱𝓽𝓲_𝓲𝓷🙋🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️ (@Mishti_in) Nov sixteen, 2020

*When my brother have to be compelled to exit of city for imperative work on bhaidooj*

He :

— monikaaaa😈 (@bikanerikanya) Nov sixteen, 2020

Brothers obtaining respect on #BhaiDooj and like:

— midnight__tales___ (@Midnight__tales) Nov sixteen, 2020

#𝗕𝗵𝗮𝗶𝗗𝗼𝗼𝗷 #भाई_दूज #BhaiDuj
When a sister asks her brother for cash.
Her brother:

— Prasad Remje (@munna_30_) Nov sixteen, 2020

#BhaiDooj #भाई_दूज
Boys’after #BhaiDooj

— aBhi Sharma 🌈 जमदग्नि ❤️ (@Cjacksparrow_5) Nov sixteen, 2020

When sister fire gift on #BhaiDooj . lupus erythematosus brothers :-

— Ramadhir Singh (@iamRamadhir) Nov sixteen, 2020

Sisters once #BhaiDooj

— Xavier(Indian Version) (@Indianxavier) Nov sixteen, 2020

Cadbury dairy farm milk owner :#bhaidooj2020

— सन्सkariiii ladका 🇮🇳 (@itz_uv_) Nov sixteen, 2020

#bhaidooj2020 #भाई_दूज

1.) My sister (Others days)
2.) My sister (On bhai-dooj)

— Jitesh (@only_jitesh) Nov sixteen, 2020

Le sister’s once receiving cash from their brother’s today#भाई_दूज#BhaiDooj#bhaidooj2020

— Gagan (@gaganps_) Nov sixteen, 2020

Pic 1:- once I provide ten rs to my sister
Pic 2:- once my brother offers five hundred re to her

— Anil Kant Mishra (@hvemedia1) Nov sixteen, 2020

Bhai Dooj, additionally called Bhaubeej, Bhai Tika and Bhai Phonta, may be a Hindu competition celebrated on the second day of Shukla Paksha within the Vikram Samvat lunisolar calendar or of Shalivahan Shaka time period of Kartika.

There square measure 2 widespread legends behind this competition. the primary goes – once Lord Krishna visited meet his sister Subhadra once killing Narakasur, she greeted him by swing a tilak or vermilion on his forehead, ANd followed it with an aarti.

The second story goes that once the God of Death Yamaraj visited his sister Yamuna she welcome her brother by applying a tilak on his forehead. She additionally offered him sweets and gifts, and reciprocally, he’s aforementioned to possess given her a boon that whoever celebrated Bhai Dooj together with his sister and took a shower within the holy stream of Yamuna would ne’er visit hell.


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