Kerala gold smuggling: Arrested as I refused to name political targets, claims Pinarayi’s former aide

Kerala gold smuggling: Arrested as I refused to name political targets, claims Pinarayi’s former aide

MSivasankar, the previous principal secretary to Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, has abreast of the court through his counsel that he was inactive within the gold importing by the social control board of directors (ED) for resisting pressure to call a number of political targets.

The case of thirty metric weight unit of gold importing from a diplomatic lading addressed to the UAE Consulate-General workplace in Thiruvananthapuram came to lightweight in Gregorian calendar month. Swapna Suresh, a former secretarial assistant at the UAE Consulate-General’s workplace, emerged as a main suspect for her alleged role within the case.

The impotency has currently ‘found’ that the complete take of the crime taken by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) from Swapna Suresh’s locker was a payoff received from one mister Khalid, with relevancy the Life Mission Project, M Sivasankar’s counsel aforesaid within the court.

“ED has created obtrusive contradictions, invocation up a narrative as and after they please to suit the arrest or custody of Sivasankar. this can be extremely suspicious. Such center ought to not be sure for correct presentation of facts before the court,” M Sivasankar’s counsel argued.

“ED claimed that Sivasankar had accepted in his statement that he had spoken to a senior Customs officer and created an invitation as per the needs of Swapna Suresh. To date, impotency has not created any claim/statement concerning the character of communication created by Sivasankar or to whom Sivasankar spoke. This ambiguity is advisedly created and maintained by impotency to forestall this court from understanding the facts,” alleged M Sivasankar’s counsel.

“In the arrest order, impotency has mentioned that Sivasankar may need drawn up the clearing of alternative diplomatic cargos also. that suggests that impotency itself isn’t certain of its allegation,” M Sivasankar’s counsel aforesaid.

“M Sivasankar aforesaid that from the chats it’s terribly clear that he had no role within the locker also because the money unbroken within the locker, which he solely introduced Swapna Suresh to the accountant,” he said.

He conjointly aforesaid that dishonorable extracts from WhatsApp conversations were shown by impotency, while not absolutely stating the context and also the full text of the messages changed before and at that time specific message, to make a smokescreen.

“The allegations concerning the kickbacks received within the Life Mission comes area unit groundless. M Sivasankar command the charge of the corporate executive of Life Mission for brief periods in 2018 and 2019 that was before the contract was signed,” he said, adding that Swapna Suresh’s statement to impotency on November ten, 2020, can’t be relied upon.


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