Opening of religious places: ‘Don’t need your certificate’, Thackeray replies to Governor’s ‘have you turned secular’ jibe

Opening of religious places: ‘Don’t need your certificate’, Thackeray replies to Governor’s ‘have you turned secular’ jibe

A war of words has broken out between, Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray after the previous sent a letter on Monday demanding the immediate reopening of places of worship and asking if the Shiv Sena chief if he has turned “secular”. Thackeray replied stating he doesn’t need a certificate for his Hindutva from Koshyari, or any lessons on Hindutva.

Referring to Thackeray’s address Sunday over social media, Koshyari wrote during a strangely worded letter to the Chief Minister terming as “most unfortunate” the extension of the ban on the religious places.

“You are a strong votary of Hindutva. You had publicly espoused your devotion to Lord Rama by visiting Ayodhya after taking charge because of the Chief Minister. You had visited the Vitthal Rukmini Mandir in Pandharpur and performed the puja on Ashadhi Ekadashi,” wrote Koshyari.

Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari’s letter to CM Uddhav Thackeray. (ANI)

“I wonder if you’re receiving any divine premonition to remain to postpone the reopening of the places of worships time and again or have you ever suddenly turned ‘secular’ yourselves, the term you hated?” asked the Governor and further mentioned that places of worships were reopened in Delhi on June 8 and across the state towards the highest of June. There haven’t been reports of a surge in COVID-19 cases from any of these places, he added.

“I request you to announce forthwith the reopening of all the places of worship with all necessary COVID-19 precautions,” stated Koshyari. The Governor enclosed alongside his letter three representations for the reopening of places of worship.

On Tuesday, Thackeray hit back at the Governor stating that he doesn’t need a certificate for Hindtuva from Governor. “What you mentioned about my Hindutva within the letter is totally correct. But, my Hindutva doesn’t need your certificate. Also, I don’t need to learn it from anyone. It doesn’t fit into my Hindutva to welcome home, with a smile, people who call my state or the capital of my state Pakistan-occupied Kashmir,” remarked Thackeray.

Taking objection to the Governor’s question on whether Thackeray had turned secular, Thackeray asked, “Why does one need to ask such a question? Are you saying that only opening places of worship is Hindutva and not opening them is secular? Secularism is that the core a neighborhood of the Constitution supported which you took oath as Governor. Don’t you accept as true with it?”

Thackeray also mentioned the Governor mocking him with the taunt about divine premonitions. “You may have experienced such things but I’m not so great,” Thackeray hit back.

On Governor forwarding three copies of representation, Thackeray said all three letters are from BJP office bearers and their supporters. “It could be a coincidence. Anyway, the govt. is seriously considering your request which I assure you that a choice is getting to be taken as soon as possible by taking all due care,” he added.

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