Facebook takes down farmer protest page, restores it later

Facebook takes down farmer protest page, restores it later

A Facebook page, that was originated by farmer organisations’ “IT Cell” to “counter misinformation”, was taken down by Facebook on Sunday for many hours. in keeping with a press release issued by the Sanyukt Kisan Morcha, at 7 pm, a Facebook live was being streamed from the page wherever they were talking concerning however that they had reached ninety four large integer folks through the page. “The page was unpublished at seven pm. we have a tendency to had started a live (streaming), telling those that Kisan Ekta Morcha’s Facebook reach was ninety four large integer and also the page was unpublished. we’ll address a correct news conference tomorrow with all farm leaders… the page was (later) republished,” the statement same.
The removal caused outrage on social media, with folks questioning why the page was taken down.
Facebook, meanwhile, same they regretted the inconvenience however failed to say why the page was taken down. “We’ve reconditioned Kisan Ekta Morcha’s FB page and regret the inconvenience caused,” same a Facebook company proponent.
The IT Cell contains over twenty five on-line and thirty five ‘offline’ volunteers, and works around the clock, watching on-line discussions and “fake news” concerning farmer protests. The cell created the handle — Kisan Ekta Morcha — across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, reaching lakhs at intervals days of origin. whereas most volunteers area unit from Punjab, some also are from urban center and most work from home.
It was formally launched at a news conference 3 days past within the presence of senior farmer leaders to “relay authentic and official information” concerning the protests. The members handle individual social media accounts, golf shot out details concerning protests through the day, together with posters and logos of the day’s events.


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