Chhath venue sees no social distancing amid rise in cases

Chhath venue sees no social distancing amid rise in cases

The Covid-19 norms were thrown up within the air as folks gathered in vast numbers to look at the Chhath Puja at Sector forty two lake.

The venue witnessed no social distancing as folks skirted the banks of the lake. Most of the folks had not worn a mask.

The UT on weekday reportable a complete tally of16,472 cases, with a 100 and50 new positive cases. There area unit one,121 active cases within the town currently.

The UT additionally reportable one Covid-related death, taking the toll to 255. A 40-year-old man from Sector twenty five, a case of sort two DM and T.B., died thanks to Covid-19 at PGI. Meanwhile, 133 folks were discharged.

Among the new patients, eighty five were men and sixty five girls. At least1,512 folks were tested for Covid-19 within the last 24-hours. a complete of one,30,070 samples are tested here until currently.

As per knowledge, 13,844 out of each ten large integer folks here have tested positive. The active quantitative relation is half dozen.8 per cent. The case fatality quantitative relation is 1.6 per cent. for each ten large integer folks in Chandigarh 1,09,040 samples were tested. Average rate is zero.7 per cent. The recovery quantitative relation is91.7 per cent.


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