Bihar Government extended the lockdown once again till September 8

Bihar Government extended the lockdown once again till September 8

In Bihar, Corona virus lockdown has been extended once again, this time till September 6. The order issued by the Home Department after the high-level meeting on July 30 for the prevention of corona will remain in force.

Religious places in Bihar have been closed under a previous order issued till August 15. Any kind of crowded religious, political, social or cultural events is banned. The ban on bus services has been maintained.

Although some exemptions were also given in the order, business and private establishments have been allowed to open. The number of employees in the office has also been increased from 5 to 20 per cent.

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In addition, shops and services related to food, groceries and agricultural inputs have been exempted along with banks, IT and related services, print and electronic media, internet, telecommunications, e-commerce, petrol pumps, power generation, etc.

Commercial and private establishments will be allowed to open. Shops will also be opened. It will depend on the district administration when and for how long the shops will be open. Adherence to social distress will be an important condition.

During the lockdown, taxi and auto services will continue as before. Bus service has been completely closed. Freighters will not be barred from arriving. Private vehicles connected to the required service will be allowed to use. All places of worship will be closed. With the exception of Hubby, any religious congregation will be allowed. All medical and essential services will be outside the scope of restrictions during the lockdown.

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