Are executive programs improving employability in India?

Are executive programs improving employability in India?

After the Covid-19 prevalent, the world has obligated skills for the executives to reinvent themselves to manage the skill gap and stay up-to-date to the changing market terms. Therefore, execution education programs will facilitate the professionals to better understand and adapt to the predominant changes in the workplaces such as digital disturbances.

Ahead of the global impact created by the Covid-19 outbreak, the organizations have already initiated a transitional shift towards onboarding technology and automation. This in turn has mandated the need to reskill and adapt to the growing requirements of the industry. In addition to this, a study by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) in the year 2019 found that more than 50% of the Indian employees are required to reskill themselves within the next four years to be employable.

The top Indian Institutes of Technology in India offer executive programs. Institutes such as IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Roorkee, IIT Kanpur, etc., have introduced execution programs in collaborations with IIMs and institutes. These executive programs might include executive MBA or M.Tech degrees and other certification programs.

Executive programs offered by IITs

Some of the IITs have established a department/school of executive education. Whereas, some IITs offer executive programs in association with top IIMs and top national and international universities. Since the IITs offer a wide variety of executive programs for working professionals, the list is too long to cover in a paragraph. Here in this section, we have mentioned a table consisting of executive programs offered by IITs.

IIT Bombay


Certificate Program in Digital Marketing and Applied Analytics

Certificate Program in Machine Learning & AI with Python

●     Certificate Program in Design Thinking

●     Certificate Program in Product Management

IIT Madras

●     EMBA

●     PGPEX-VLM (With IIM Calcutta & IITK)

IIT Kanpur●     PGPEX-VLM (With IIM Calcutta & IITM)
IIT Delhi

●     EMBA

●     EMPED (Executive Management Programme in Entrepreneurship Development)

IIT Kharagpur●     EMBA
IIT Hyderabad●     Executive M.Tech
IIT Roorkee●     Executive PG Certificate Programs


Why pursue Executive Programs?

The Covid-19 pandemic has illustrated that any uncertainty and variability in the future might lead to highly dynamic business environments and conditions. This in turn can bring vulnerability in the career or profession of an individual. Although, the companies and industries are now looking for more adaptable candidates and ways for upgrading their existing employees.

Executive programs as per the industry trends offer consistently required upskilling and reskilling to the professionals. The executive programs are usually designed with the consideration of the flexibility for working professionals. They can be opted in full-time, part-time, distance, online, or in live classes mode as per the one’s suitability. Also, the executive programs not only upgrade the skillset but will directly improve the key performance indicators (KPIs) as well. Additionally, one can also get a salary after completing education executive programs.

Introduction of better Leadership Programs

Between now and previous times, executive programs have become a necessity for each professional. Irrespective of seniority, upgrading should be required for both managers/ junior employees as well the leaders. To redefine the business and its approach, a leader should also emerge in the transformation and elevate their leadership skills.

Besides the existing executive programs, there is a need to introduce more execution education programs in leadership. As the leader is responsible for leading any of the business graphs, they first must be equipped with the market changes. The present executive programs are specially designated to the mid-senior level and the introduction of leadership programs will help them to navigate through distinct organizational challenges.

The leadership programs will also help the leaders to shape their organization and stand out of the crowd by tracking and solving all of the necessary events. This will further build world-class expertise for both the organization and individuals.

Altogether, the executive programs are easy, flexible, and must require things on the to-do lists of the professionals. To stay relevant and master in-demand skills, a professional should consider the option of the executive programs. Whether it is certification or degree, the executive programs will help the professionals to take a deep dive into the latest trends and evolving technologies.

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