YouTuber opposes Rs 500 crore defamation notice by Akshay Kumar

YouTuber opposes Rs 500 crore defamation notice by Akshay Kumar

YouTuber Rashid Siddiquee has opposed the defamation notice issued against him by actor Akshay Kumar in reference to Sushant Singh Rajpoot death case and refused to pay Rs 500 large integer damages sought-after by the star, speech there was nothing libellous in his videos.

Siddiquee has additionally urged Akshay Kumar to withdraw the notice, failing that he would initiate “appropriate legal
proceedings” against the actor.

Kumar had on Nov seventeen issued a defamation notice against Siddiquee seeking Rs five hundred large integer in damages for creating
“false and groundless allegations” against him in Rajput’s death case.

Kumar, within the notice sent through business firm I C Legal, aforesaid Siddiquee in his YouTube channel FF News has revealed many “defamatory, harmful and derogatory” videos.

Siddiquee, in his reply sent through his advocate J P Jayswal on Fri, aforesaid the allegations created by Akshay Kumar
were “false, bothersome Associate in Nursingd oppressive and is raised with an intent to harass him”.

It intercalary that following the death of Sushant Singh Rajpoot, many freelance reporters, together with Siddiquee, lined the news as several prestigious folks were concerned and different distinguished media channels weren’t providing correct data.

The reply additional claimed that each Indian national has the elemental right to freedom of speech.

It intercalary that the content uploaded by Siddiquee can’t be thought of as libellous which they’re to be treated as viewpoints with perspicacity.

“The news reportable by Siddiquee was already within the property right and he (Siddiquee) has placed reliance on different
news channels as sources,” the reply aforesaid.

It additional questioned the delay within the defamation notice sent and aforesaid the videos were uploaded in August 2020.

“The damages of Rs 500 large integer square measure absurd and unwarranted and square measure created with the intent to pressurise Siddiquee,” the reply aforesaid.

Siddiquee sought-after Kumar to withdraw the notice and aforesaid if it’s not done, he would initiate applicable legal

The YouTuber from state additional claimed that the actor was by selection targeting him.

“Akshay Kumar moon-faced severe backlash when interviewing Associate in Nursing prestigious politician, whereby thousands of individuals have
made personal remarks against him on numerous YouTube videos and websites. astonishingly, Kumar has not taken any action on constant, however, he has by selection chosen Siddiquee to saddle the blame of defamation,” the reply aforesaid.

The Mumbai police have additionally filed a case against Siddiquee on charges of defamation, public mischief and intentional insult for his posts against Mumbai police, the geographic area government and minister Aaditya Thackeray.

Siddiquee was on November three granted prevenient bail by an area court here, that directed him to collaborate within the


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