UAE Govt. start again issuing Visas to Foreign Visitors

UAE Govt. start again issuing Visas to Foreign Visitors

The UAE Govt. has started issuing entry permits to the country again, starting Sep. 24 but work permits are still on hold, state press agency WAM reported.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship said the choice followed the preventive measures implemented by the travel industry to curb the coronavirus spread.

Dubai, the region’s tourism and business hub and one among the seven emirates that structure the UAE, had already lifted its own visa ban in July.

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Saudi Arabia bans flights to and from India due to the COVID-19 outbreak

All six Gulf Arab countries have lifted internal curfews and lockdowns, but restrictions on gatherings and foreign travel remain within the region, where the entire number of COVID cases stands at over 800,000, with quite 6,800 deaths.

Neighboring Oman said on Thursday it might resume scheduled international flights on Oct. 1 with strict measures to guard the country and aviation staff from the virus.

(Source: Arab News)

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