This tractor is like no tractor: Electric self-drive farm warrior launched

This tractor is like no tractor: Electric self-drive farm warrior launched

Driving a tractor and ploughing fields with it may have never looked this radical. Or be as environment friendly. And yet, in a world fast moving towards electric mobility, it was only a matter of time before a battery-operated tractor made its presence felt. Say hello then to Monarch Tractor, a rebel raw machine touted to be a farmer’s new best friend.

The e-tractor has several claims to fame. It is being bragged as a cleaner alternative to conventional diesel tractors but one which also offers twice the torque, several safety highlights and a plethora of safety features. Prominent among these is the claimed ability to operate autonomously!

The autonomous feature reportedly allows owners of the machine to key in several tasks that the tractor will be able to then do on its own. A mapping feature will help it navigate the fields much like autonomous house cleaning robots. These features can be keyed in using a smartphone.

And once farm work is done, the Monarch Tractor can also be used as an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) while also using its battery pack to power tools that may be required for other tasks around.

At the core of it all is a 55 kW motor and 360-degree cameras are tasked for all-around views to mitigate chances of collisions. There is a touch-screen display on the center console while the machine can collect, store and analyze around 240 gb of crop data each day. The tractor itself can be operated for more than 10 hours per charge and has 70 hp of power. Once out of battery, a full recharge takes up to five hours at 220V.

Speaking to Electrek, Monarch’s Chief Farming Officer explained that his personal experience of being from a farming family has helped understand the needs and challenges of modern-day agriculture. “As a fourth-generation farmer, I’ve seen firsthand the hazards that farming presents not just to workers, but to the environment as well,” he said. “Monarch Tractor is moving farming toward a safer and sustainable future by eliminating harmful emissions, reducing the need for herbicides and keeping workers out of harm’s way with its driver-optional capabilities.

The futuristic e-tractor is priced at $50,000 in the US and deliveries are scheduled to start late 2021.


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