Shraddha Kapoor accepted and joined Sushant’s party

Shraddha Kapoor accepted and joined Sushant’s party

Mumbai: Bollywood Actress Shraddha Kapoor district drug name has been called for questioning against drug Kapoor, Shraddha be summoned to take the connection ACB sources said today Shraddha Kapoor self against the team. Actor Sushant Singh has admitted to partying with Rajput.

According to sources, the actress allegedly admitted to joining Sushant’s farmhouse party. The report said that Shraddha Kapoor had refused to take the dog. There were 2-3 people present at Sushant’s farmhouse party.

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Shraddha Kapoor denied any drug use at the party. It may be recalled that the so-called drug WhatsApp chat between Shraddha Kapoor and Jaya Sahani is on the radar of NCB. Shraddha Kapoor reached the NCB office at 11.5 am.

Shraddha Kapoor was seen with Sushant in the film Chhichore. At Sushant’s funeral, the actress was spotted with other team members of the film. Inquiries were made several times a week by the agency. Apart from Shraddha Kapoor, the NCB today also questioned Deepika Padukone and Sara Ali Khan.

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