School dropout creating IT awareness among Kashmiri youth

School dropout creating IT awareness among Kashmiri youth

Sheikh Asif, a school dropout from Kashmir’s Batamaloo and owner of a UK-based Information Technology (IT) company, is creating IT awareness among Kashmiri youth and giving online classes to them in web designing and digital marketing.

He received his primary education from the reputed ‘Talent Educational Institute’. Owing to some financial reasons, he was forced to drop out of school.

“Faced with financial distress, I dropped out of school in the eighth standard. Then, I went on to work in a couple of IT companies. I have been fond of computers since childhood. I honed my skills and gained knowledge about graphics while working in these companies,” Asif said.

“After working for some time, I started a small setup around graphic designing at home itself. Later, I got a call from one of my mentors who advised me to upgrade my skills to web designing as I was quite good at graphics,” Asif added.

He said that his ‘Thames Infotech’ journey started in 2016. Having observed my work in graphic designing, some people contacted him. One of them told him to upgrade to website designing as he was already quite good at graphics. Then, he worked in a UK-based company as an employee and kept learning about websites.

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