Rhea Chakraborty is rumored to have been slapped by a female officer

Rhea Chakraborty is rumored to have been slapped by a female officer

MUMBAI: Two days ago, a rumor was circulating on social media that Rhea had slapped Rhea by a woman officer who did not co-operate with the CBI.

There is no explanation as to where the rumor started. Sushant’s fans are very happy and enthusiastic after this rumor. After a lot of investigation, it was found out that this rumor was made news by a local news channel and spread like wildfire on social media. Was gone. An image of an IPS officer in Nupur’s uniform is seen with Rhea. In the Sushant case, Rhea is being interrogated but such rumors were researched to find out whether they are true or false.

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However, research has revealed that this is just a rumor, not the truth. Rhea was interrogated and it was found out that she did not operate and was later slapped. It is completely false.

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