Restaurants In Delhi to remain open 24×7

Restaurants In Delhi to remain open 24×7

Restaurants in Delhi can now remain open all day as this move comes as an enormous relief during this point of crisis for all those that are within the hospitality business.

Reported by the Delhi government has announced that these establishments are going to be permitted to work round-the-clock, which requirement for tourism licenses also will be removed. aside from this, the Delhi govt has also announced a number of other measures, including starting a process to try to away with the health trade licenses and police licenses from local bodies for restaurants to finish ‘permit raj’ within the industry.

The said decisions were taken during a gathering that was chaired by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and was attended by restaurant owners. The Chief Minister also added that Delhi’s restaurants are the pride of the capital, and supply employment to plenty of people.

With this move, the capital is about to become a bustling 24×7 city. As per the govt, the said steps will help the industry generate more employment due to higher demand which will likely happen within the coming days. It also said that the ‘Delhi Model’ will set an example in simple doing businesses.

Further, as per the statement issued by the govt, it said that on the request of restaurateurs to permit 24×7 business, it’s been agreed that restaurants are going to be allowed to work round-the-clock. an equivalent is going to be subject to the condition that they submit an undertaking that ensures that they’re going to look out of the health and security of their entire staff.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal further directed that the health trade licenses issued by the municipal corporations to restaurants should be abolished within 10 days. He added it’s likely that by relaxing restrictions, more restaurants will open up, which can further boost tourism within the region.

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