Indian Railways Will restart passenger services of Tejas Express train from Oct 17

Indian Railways Will restart passenger services of Tejas Express train from Oct 17

After a span of seven months, IRCTC is now able to restart operations of Tejas Express trains from October 17, 2020. consistent with the reports, the Tejas Express trains will run on Lucknow-New Delhi and Ahmedabad-Mumbai route to satisfying passenger demand for the upcoming festive season.

Reportedly, every week before making this announcement, railway board chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav had told in a political statement that the railways want to work quite 200 trains from October 15 till November for the upcoming festivals.

Furthermore, as per the official statement, IRCTC has taken permission to run the 2 popular corporate trains from the Railway Ministry and is preparing to satisfy the expectations of passengers as far as services, safety, and health protocols are concerned. to make sure physical distancing, every alternate seat is going to be kept vacant.

Indian Railways to restart passenger services of the Tejas Express train from Oct 17.

The SOPs state that no passenger would be allowed to exchange seats once seated, and each passenger and staffer has got to wear masks during the train journey. Also, having the Aarogya Setu app installed on mobile phones is going to be compulsory for each passenger on board.

Reportedly, passengers also will tend COVID-19 protection kits, having a bottle of hand sanitizers, a mask and shield, and a pair of gloves. Passengers are going to be thermally screened for virus symptoms before entering the train coach. the bags of the passengers are going to be disinfected by railway staff; cleaning and regular disinfection of the coaches also will be done.

Tejas train services were suspended thanks to the spread of Coronavirus in India in March 2019.

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