PM Narendra Modi enters 20th year in public office sans break

PM Narendra Modi enters 20th year in public office sans break

NEW DELHI: On Wednesday, PM Narendra Modi enters his 20th year during a position without an opportunity, in what’s being seen so far another milestone within the career of an official whose enduring appeal has helped his party achieve pre-eminence at the national level.

Modi who was drafted from the organization to function chief minister of Gujarat at a time when BJP was facing discontent, used his 3 terms to get the inspiration for a successful challenge to the Congress’ domination at the Centre. Of the 19 years of his continuous tenure publicly office, Modi’s second and current stint as Prime Minister stands out, feel BJP sources, as quite successful in terms of the fast and effective delivery on poll promises and battling the unprecedented challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The PM laid the inspiration stone for the temple in Ayodhya on August 5 this year, fulfilling the promise the party had been making through legal means. The temple construction followed the repeal of Article 370, another signature theme of BJP, and banning the practice of triple talaq which the ruling party considers a serious social reform and also reflects that the party feels concerned about all sections of the society.

Sources also counted the push for “Aatma Nirbhar Bharat”, provision of free foodgrains to many underprivileged and vulnerable who are hit the toughest by the pandemic, effective response to Chinese aggression on the LAC, and execution of long-pending reform measures associated with labor and farm sector as other highlights of the term. “We have achieved all this within the face of unprecedented challenges and this is often just the start. Just wait to ascertain what’s getting to unfold once things have settled down,” said a senior BJP functionary who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“The Prime Minister has ensured that the election manifesto should be adopted as a vision document for governance and promises made during the polls should be taken seriously and must be delivered,” said a senior party member.

The spell has been marked by the loss of an old ally, Shiromani Akali Dal, but that didn’t deter the Prime Minister from going ahead with farm sector reforms.
“Passage of the bill cost the alliance hugely as an old ally Shiromani Akali Dal walked out. However, the PM decided on his decision that the move was crucial to empower farmers and double farmers’ income by 2022,” said a BJP member.

Modi had appropriated as Gujarat chief minister on October 7, 2001, soon after the state was devastated after the Bhuj earthquake. However, several moves taken by him just like the “Vibrant Gujarat” event played an important role within the restructuring of the state. Later, the state became self-sufficient on several fronts including the facility production after which the “Gujarat Model” term for development gained popularity, playing a key role in Modi’s country-wide popularity after which BJP announced him as Prime Ministerial candidate in 2013.

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