New Year’s Eve in Covid-19 times: Check for rules in your state or city

New Year’s Eve in Covid-19 times: Check for rules in your state or city

Asian countries have additionally enacted measures to stop giant gatherings as efforts still trace passengers WHO came from the united kingdom in recent days and their contacts.
The restrictions can hit national holiday Eve celebrations in several elements, with many authorities asserting bans on national holiday parties.

With vaccination drives already current in an exceedingly few countries, the globe has hopes of the Covid-19 pandemic coming back to finish. However, doctors and consultants say caution should get on the highest of everyone’s minds within the final leg of the coronavirus happening.

Here area unit tips varied Indian states and cities have issued for brand spanking new Year celebrations:


In the geographical region, the regime has proclaimed a seven-hour night curfew between Dec 25 and Jan 5. In Mumbai, for instance, the police have proclaimed a strict ban on year parties.

For the New Year mass, authorities involved are asked to make sure that a solely fifty folks area unit allowed within the church at any given purpose of your time which the mass is conducted before eight pm.

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The province government has additionally obligatory measures proscribing pubs, clubs, and restaurants from hosting year parties between December thirty and January a pair of. An antecedently proclaimed night curfew from ten pm until half-dozen am was recently withdrawn, however, restrictions on giant gathering keep in situ. Meanwhile, prohibitive orders are going to be a force in Bengaluru from New Year’s Eve to January one 2021, at the side of sure restrictions, seeable of the prevailing Covid-19 scenario and therefore the emergence of a replacement strain of virus from abroad.

Tamil Nadu

In Madras, the regime has illegal year celebrations in clubs, resorts, restaurants, and even on beaches. These restrictions can stay in impact on New Year’s Eve and Januar


A night curfew can stay in impact in Rajasthan between eight pm of New Year’s Eve and half-dozen am of January one. These restrictions are going to be implemented all told cities of Rajasthan with a population of over one hundred thousand. The regime has additionally asked markets to shut by seven whereas prohibition the utilization of firecrackers and year celebrations publicly places.


In Dehradun, the district administration has issued orders to stop any public gatherings on national holiday Eve. in keeping with authorities, violators can face action below the Disaster Management Act, 2005 and therefore the Epidemic Diseases Act at the side of alternative relevant sections of the Indian legal code (IPC).

Uttar Pradesh

The Gautam Buddha Nagar district administration in UP has issued specific tips for brand spanking new Year celebrations. These tips can apply to Noida and alternative elements of the district. Organizers of latest Year parties are asked to submit their details to the individual DCP.
Drone cameras are going to be accustomed to monitor the celebrations and therefore the use of sound systems also will be subjected to court orders.


The night curfew between ten pm and five am is already in situ in Punjab and can be implemented until January one. The Punjab government had on December eleven issued tips proscribing indoor gatherings within the state to a hundred folks and doors gatherings to 250.


In Manipur, an evening curfew from half-dozen pm to four am has been in situ since Gregorian calendar month. The regime has confirmed that this may stay in impact even on national holiday Eve and therefore the year. However, the Manipur administration has allowed year celebrations publicly places throughout the daytime as long as Covid-19 SOP is adhered to.

Himachal Pradesh

Eight districts of Himachal Pradesh area unit below night curfew until January five. These embrace Shimla, Mandi, Kangra, and Kullu among others.


In Odisha’s Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, authorities have obligatory blanket bans on national holiday Eve celebrations. No gatherings are going to be allowed at pubs, hotels, or restaurants and authorities have asked voters to usher in the year within their homes.

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