LTC cash voucher: Central govt employees can make purchases in eligible family member’s name

LTC cash voucher: Central govt employees can make purchases in eligible family member’s name

Any central government worker choosing the Leave Travel Concession (LTC) voucher theme can purchase merchandise and services within the name of their mate or members of the family, United Nations agency are eligible for the LTC fare.

The Department of Expenditure has recently discharged a second set of commonly asked queries (FAQs) concerning the LTC voucher theme.

“The invoices of the products and services purchased as per the theme is also within the name of mate or any friend United Nations agency is eligible for LTC fare as declared within the service records,” aforementioned one in all the queries listed within the FAQ.

In the recent notification, the department additionally processed that AN worker will claim compensation for the acquisition of products and services on or once national holiday, even though the individual has not formally availed of the theme. However, the products and services have to be compelled to attract twelve per cent GST, as per the rules.

In October, government minister Nirmala Sitharaman created AN announcement regarding the government’s LTC money voucher theme to spice up shopper payment. Central government staff will avail of the money profit underneath the theme by buying any merchandise or services attracting twelve per cent GST.

It may be noted that payments for such purchases have to be compelled to be created digitally or through cheque, demand draft, NEFT, or RTGS.

The new theme was introduced visible of the prevailing pandemic scenario. the govt aforementioned that since most of its staff might not be traveling this year because of Covid-19, the LTC money voucher theme can facilitate them earn money edges.

The government additionally processed that the acquisition of products and services on EMI is additionally permissible underneath the theme, provided they need a GST invoice and are bought once national holiday.


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