Hong Kong disqualifies 4 pro-democracy legislators

Hong Kong disqualifies 4 pro-democracy legislators

The disqualification came when the National People’s Congress commission, that command conferences on Tuesday and weekday, passed a resolution to disqualify those that support town|the town|town}’s independence or refuse to acknowledge China’s sovereignty over the city, also as commit acts that threaten national security or raise external forces to interfere within the city’s affairs, per the state-owned Xinhua press association.

The four lawmakers Alvin Yeung, Dennis Kwok, Kwok Ka-ki and Kenneth Leung confirmed that they were disqualified in an exceedingly group discussion with the press.

“In terms of lawfulness and constitutionality, clearly from our purpose of read this is often clearly in breach of basic law and our rights to participate publically affairs, and a failure to watch group action,” aforesaid Kwok.

On Monday, nineteen lawmakers from the pro-democracy camp aforesaid they’d resign as a group if Peiping affected to disqualify any pro-democracy lawmakers.


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