G23 Congress rebels arrive for meeting at 10 Janpath as Sonia Gandhi reaches out

G23 Congress rebels arrive for meeting at 10 Janpath as Sonia Gandhi reaches out

Although the continued Congress meeting at ten Janpath is being delineated as a routine one with senior Congress leaders, it’s clearly associated stretch by Sonia Gandhi to listen to out the discontented leaders.

However, the party leadership has been careful to camouflage the stretch by career a smorgasbord of leaders as well as Ashok Gehlot, Chidambaram, Ambika Soni to the meeting as the underlined issue remains that key leaders of the rebel camp are referred to ascertain the primary time.

Interestingly, this Congress meeting is the primary that Sonia Gandhi is attending in recent times. Leaders are seated within the field of ten Janpath and everyone has been asked to induce a coronavirus negative report before the change of integrity of the meeting.

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Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath has emerged because of the new fixer for ten Janpath by mediating to induce the Congress president associated dissenters to satisfy in an icebreaker of kinds.

Sources aforementioned although the Parliament session, farmers’ agitation, and deepening slump is on the agenda, the Congress internal elections are the overarching high on everyone’s mind because the top party leaders gather.

Rahul Gandhi is additionally a gift at the Congress meeting and it’ll be fascinating to examine whether or not the previous chief responds to calls by leaders to require the baton from his mother.

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