Emirates upgrade Airport Experience With Self Check-In Kiosks In Dubai

Emirates upgrade Airport Experience With Self Check-In Kiosks In Dubai

Emirates has introduced self-check-in and bag drop kiosks for a more seamless airport experience at Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport.

The service is now available to customers traveling to all or any or any destinations except to the US, Canada, China, India, and Hong Kong because of additional requirements from these destinations.

The 16 new self-service bag drop machines and eight self-service kiosks complement the desks manned by Emirates check-in agents to reduce waiting time for patrons during peak periods and improve the customer experience in Dubai. More self-services facilities are planned to be added within the approaching months.

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The kiosks allow customers to check-in, receive their boarding pass, choose seats on board, and drop off their bags. While Emirates staff are getting to be available for any assistance required, the facilities are fully self- service, allowing customers to ace the airport and proceed on to immigration. The facilities are cleaned and disinfected regularly and hand sanitizers are also available for patrons to use.

The new offering may be a component of Emirates’ continued investment in product and repair to provide an unmatched travel experience on the bottom and onboard.

The solution was developed in house at Emirates alongside Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects and Dubai Airports.

The self-check-in kiosks are getting to be continually upgraded to provide new features within the longer-term including going touchless and allowing customers to make re-bookings on their own.

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