DRDO’s ATAGS howitzer best in the world, no need for imported artillery guns, says top scientist

DRDO’s ATAGS howitzer best in the world, no need for imported artillery guns, says top scientist

A top DRDO mortal aforementioned that the newly-produced ATAGS high-angle gun is that the “best gun within the world” with the aptitude to strike targets at the longest vary of forty-eight kilometers.

‘No would like for foreign artillery’

Interacting with cuckoo throughout the sphere trials of the ATAGS, project director and senior Defence analysis and Development Organisation (DRDO) mortal Shailendra V Gade aforementioned that the autochthonous gun will meet Indian Army’s full demand of 1800 artillery guns systems and there was no would like for imports during this field.

The ATAGS has already dismissed over two,000 rounds in places like geographical area close to the China border and Pokharan close to the Asian country border. inline with press association cuckoo, Gade any aforementioned the gun system is much higher than the legendary Bofors within the Indian Army at the side of the other artillery gun within the world as well as the Athos gun offered by Israel.

The Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) has been developed by the DRDO and created by 2 companies India Forge and Tata Advanced Systems restricted.

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“The Indian Army’s demand is for 1580 towed artillery guns and excluding that, they have one hundred fifty ATAGS and another 114 Dhanush guns. So, there’s a demand for a complete of one,800 guns. The manner the ATAGS is activity and are available up, i’m certain that this whole demand of one,800 guns are often met by this gun solely,” Gade told cuckoo.

‘Longest firing high-angle gun within the world’

Explaining the sting that the Indian Army would get to vet adversaries like China in an exceeding war state of affairs, Gade told cuckoo that the DRDO-developed gun is that the longest firing high-angle gun within the world with forty-eight kilometer, and this can facilitate it to be safe throughout a strike against the enemy.

“The enemy will not be able to counter you as they might not be able to reach you however you’ll be able to reach them at forty-eight kilometers. you’ll be able to be eight kilometers behind their strike vary however still hit them,” he told cuckoo.

‘Best gun within the world’

Asked if the ATAGS was higher than the guns obtainable with China and Asian country, Gade told cuckoo, “In fact, this can be the simplest gun within the world as a result of no alternative country has been able to such a system engineered on this high-technology with a high rate of firing capability.”

Comparing the advancement of the ATAGS over the legendary Bofors and therefore the remainder of the guns within the world, Gade aforementioned the ATAGs will fireplace 5 rounds in an exceedingly minute whereas the others will fireplace solely 3. “The vary is additionally terribly high at forty-eight kilometers whereas the Bofors will fireplace at 32kms victimization constant sort of spherical. The quality is additionally terribly high. The gun is terribly reliable, maintenance-free, and sturdy,” cuckoo quoted him as oral communication.

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The Indian Army is gazing the acquisition of around 1600 artillery guns associate degreed was gazing Israeli guns Athos as a possibility for fast induction of four hundred items, according to the cuckoo.

When cuckoo asked him to check the ATAGS with the Athos and French Nexter guns, Gade said, “If you verify the qualitative needs of the Athos and Nexter guns, the wants of the ATAGS square measure terribly rigorous. So, definitely, the gun systems aren’t terribly modern. If we glance at the long run as 2027-2030, the ATAGS is that the declare those times for the Indian Army.”

On being asked whether or not there was a desire for India to import any high-angle gun from abroad seeable of the presence of a high-angle gun, Gade told cuckoo, “Not the least bit. I feel India as a rustic, we’ve developed the core competency and technology is there to fulfill the country’s needs for foremost guns.”

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