Donald Trump blames India for death from Coronavirus, figures not true

Donald Trump blames India for death from Coronavirus, figures not true

WASHINGTON: An official presidential debate held just before the US presidential election, US President Donald Trump has lashed out at India over the deaths from the coronavirus. “You don’t know that some people have been killed in India, China, and Russia,” he said, referring to his rival Joe Biden.

India, China, and Russia have not given a proper death toll. Trump attacked his rival, saying that if Biden had been president, at least 3 million people would have been killed in the United States, while Briden also retaliated against Trump. He said that Trump waited and waited. Trump still has no plan, no funds to save lives. During the discussion, Trump accused India, China, and Russia of not giving the exact number of deaths from Corona.

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If Corona had the same speed, 3 million people would have been killed

On Trump’s response, Brian said Trump is the same person who was claiming that the coronavirus would be gone by Easter. Asked not to wear a mask, Trump said he wore a mask when he understood the need. When the mask is not when you jay wearing such bridenani will be speaking remote 200 meters, he wears a mask, but wearing a mask
, said trampe bridenane because we jaeie to close our doors to koronane jaeta China that you do not know that you had understood On this horror, Briden said that a large number of people were killed by the Coronavirus and that more people would have died if smart and swift action had not been taken.

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