Donald Trump Accuses Ahead of US Polls Enhancing Drugs

Donald Trump Accuses Ahead of US Polls Enhancing Drugs

California: United States President Donald Trump has baselessly accused his Democratic opponent Joe Biden of taking performance-enhancing drugs to compete in poll debates ahead of the November 3 elections.

In an interview with Fox News, as reported by news agency AFP, Trump said that Biden should undergo a drug test – as will he – before the three crucial presidential debates begin on September 29

“He’s taking something or you know, gives him some clarity, or whatever,” he said seconds after hesitating to reveal the ‘reason’ for Biden’s improvement in his poll campaigns.
“Frankly, his best performance was against Bernie. We are going to call for a drug test, by the way, because his best performance was against Bernie…which was okay,” Trump told the Fox News.

Notably, the Republican is well behind in the poll race, as Biden and his vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris continue to garner voter confidence across the US.
Trump has previously demeaned the Democratic candidate by calling his “grossly incompetent” and a “disaster” for running the presidential elections, claiming that Biden, at 77, was suffering from a mental decline.

Notably, Trump has been infamous for his misstatements in public and his love-hate relationship with the media as he has repeatedly excoriated reporters as agents of “fake news”.

With the US election night just 50 days away, it will be interesting to see how Donald Trump advances his presidential ticket against Biden-Harris who lead in national polls by 7-8 points and in battlegrounds by a shade less than four points.

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