Bigg Boss 14: He couldn’t believe was talking to ‘The Salman Khan’ and Popular Actor made me feel very comfortable

Bigg Boss 14: He couldn’t believe  was talking to ‘The Salman Khan’ and Popular Actor made me feel very comfortable

Bigg Boss Season 14, Legendary singer Kumar Sanu’s son Jaan Kumar Sanu is that the first confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss 14. He was introduced by host Salman Khan during a virtual news conference recently and therefore the young lad looked quite excited to satisfy the ‘Bharat’ actor., Jaan Kumar Sanu shared his happiness about meeting host Salman Khan and Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla.

“I was actually shivering while lecturing Salman sir. I even have been his fan for years now. When he was lecturing me it had been amazing. I could not believe I used to be a lecture ‘The Salman Khan’. I used to be very nervous, excited and there have been tons of mixed reactions

. I am very happy to get a chance to interact with Salman sir ahead of the premiere. In fact, I won’t call it an opportunity but a blessing. I am very thankful that the makers gave me this opportunity. I am very lucky I feel. I want to thank Salman sir for welcoming me with warmth and making me feel so comfortable. He welcomed me in such a sweet way,” said he.

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Jaan had watched each and every season of the controversial reality show reveals that Sidharth Shukla is his favorite contestant. “It feels awesome because I’ve been a fan of Sidharth Shukla since the time he entered Bigg Boss 13 house. We interacted today and he gave me a few amazing tips. It was pretty good,” said the singer.

Jaan Kumar Sanu shares that he has been getting calls after the press conference and they are asking him numerous questions, “I am getting a lot of calls especially from friends after the press conference. They are asking how things are going and a lot of other things. They are happy, excited, and even shocked with my name coming out as one of the contestants this season,” he said.

The young singer has an interesting way to deal with fights in the house, “I will definitely entertain everyone with my singing. In my personal life also my way of talking or interacting with people is quite related to music. For me, music is everything and what better way to handle a situation in the house via music. I am going to sing a lot. I think I can sing and solve many problems. If someone is angry and I am also hyper so the fight will definitely not end. So, I will definitely try to solve the matter calmly but if things don’t resolve I am not going to bow down. I want to be myself and this you can say that is my strategy and I know people will love me the way I am,” said he.

Jaan is very close to his mother and is worried about how his brothers will take care of her during his absence, “I am going to miss my mother a lot. I take care of my mother a lot, so I am going to miss her. I am also going to be worried about her as I take care of a lot of things about her and now my brothers will be doing so I will be concerned. There are a few things I do regularly for her and now they will be in charge so I am a bit worried. My mom has told me to be yourself and people will love you for the way you are,” concluded he.

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