A Beginner’s Guide On How To Make A Youtube Video

A Beginner’s Guide On How To Make A Youtube Video

YouTube has over 1.9 billion active users who consume a billion hours of content daily. This makes it a viral website where content creators are known to make good money off their videos and upload.

If you are also someone who fancies the chance of becoming a popular content creator on YouTube, then read on. This write-up seeks to address beginners interested in becoming a regular content creator on YouTube but needs the right information. Here we list out a step-by-step approach in creating your movie maker online content on YouTube.

Have a Strategy in Place

At the beginning itself, we must disclose that you could be funny, charismatic, and smart, but if your content is not value-based, you won’t have an audience. One of the fundamental reasons creators succeed on YouTube is that they keep their audience ahead of themselves. Your focus has to be the audience. Research knowing about them, how you will benefit them, and what they could learn through the content.

Once you have a sense of your audience, create content to match your mind’s persona. The video might not work with certain audience groups, but if it clicks within the niche you are targeting, you will be on the right path. Sticking with a niche is always better than casting your net wide.

Still, if you are not sure what you can offer to the audience, you must focus on the quality of the content and know-how to deliver it. Initially, it might seem daunting to attract a broad audience, but just getting started can give you the much-needed satisfaction of having started.

YouTube Ideas and Topics

Now it is time to decide what topic to focus on for a video? The comforting thing about this is that there are plenty of ways to understand what the audience is searching for. One of the first things you can do is carry out a simple search on YouTube and see what comes across on autosuggestion.

Remember to have a basic topic idea, and the YouTube algorithm will allow you to narrow it down. The autosuggest option can also give you more keywords as topic ideas. Based on search results, you can finalize the topic based on your understanding of whether there is enough scope for your topic idea.

Also, you can explore the YouTube comment section and online communities on social media platforms to hunt for topic ideas.

Understanding Video Equipment

It can be overwhelming to make a video if you do not have the right equipment. But as a beginner, you need not worry about owning and operating high-end equipment because not only does it cost a ton of money, it needs a fair bit of training as well. While beginning on YouTube, you could start with your smartphone, a web camera, and eventually a professional gear.

That said, here is a list of basic gear that can help you create high-quality videos in the long-term, including:

  • Microphone: It improves the overall quality of the video.
  • Lighting: This can improve the visibility of your videos.
  • Camera or Webcam: DSLRs are the go-to option for improving the look of the video. Alternatively, you could also use an external webcam that is a cheaper option.

Start Making the Video

Now that you know what you are making the video with the gear, you have got time to start making the video. These are certain things you can be cautious about while recording:

  • If you are recording in your room, ensure to keep the background neat & clean. You do not want to make a bad impression the first time around.
  • Position yourself in front of a solid color background with minimal movement; else, it might be distracting.
  • Be mindful of not recording in-front of a window. Always position yourself near the window or facing the window.

Edit the Video

This can be one of those tasks in the creation process that would take up a considerable amount of time. Here are some simple tips:

  • Trim the video: You must remove the beginning and the end of the extra raw footage to make the video more engaging.
  • Polish the video: Add a touch of professionalism to your videos with titles, annotations, and effects. These are easily done with the best online video maker available online.
  • Create an Intro: This leads the viewers to the content; try to keep it simple.
  • Add Music: Go to any of the royalty-free music sites and buy an inexpensive option from high-quality music available.
  • Create an Outro: This is where you can add specific call-to-action in your video. This is also called the end screen – the last part of the video.

Upload the Video

This step is incredibly simple; you have to create a Google account, which becomes your default channel to upload a video. Next, you have to do the routine stuff like naming the channel, add a profile image, and add a brief description about yourself. Now, you are ready to upload your video, and with a good internet connection, it will be done within minutes.


On the surface of it, it may look like ‘shoot’ and ‘upload.’ But if you delve a little deeper, there is a whole lot more to creating a video on YouTube, as you may have discovered. Once you are on the video-sharing platform, you must be in it for the long-term and must publish content regularly. By sticking to a regular schedule, you will gradually find a regular audience who will subscribe to your content. And by doing SEO consistently, you would improve your chances of getting discovered. Overall, consider it a ‘marathon’ where your commitment is likely to be the key ingredient in determining your success.


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