YouTube testing functionality to make downloads easier for Premium users: Report

YouTube testing functionality to make downloads easier for Premium users: Report

YouTube is probably going to form downloading videos easier for its Premium users within the close to future. brand new practicality was noticed on YouTube’s device offline settings that were accessible on each stable and beta version for some Android users. The practicality wasn’t in operating condition however it created clear that it’ll enable YouTube premium users to transfer videos on multiple devices.

As per AndroidPolice’s report, the choice was taken down shortly when the temporary testing amount. however before the choice disappeared, users may faucet on the choice and a pop-up would seem to ask them concerning the devices that they need to set with the video-sharing platform. it absolutely was followed by a toggle that aforesaid, “Allow downloading to the current device”.

The report is conjointly aforesaid that the computer program was live just for a quick amount whereas the feature wasn’t practical. However, it’s going to still be accessible in very few regions. to see if the feature continues to be live users got to make sure that the app is updated to the newest version.

The California-based company conjointly another support for 8K videos on its TV app. it’s also working on a brand new feature that creates it easier for users to feature a video timestamp whereas commenting on videos.

“We’re testing out a neater thanks to adding a video timestamp tied to the precise moment you’re observance once commenting on a video,” Google revealed on its support page.

In addition, YouTube might introduce another feature that may facilitate to form navigating videos easier with navigating chapters. These chapters are another mechanically via machine learning saving creators for a while. For now, it’s accessible for a tiny low cluster of users for testing and may be another in AN update before long.


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