Xiaomi is offering free repairs for Mi A3 units bricked by Android 11 update

Xiaomi is offering free repairs for Mi A3 units bricked by Android 11 update

Mi A3 users are grumbling concerning their phones bricking once putting in the most recent golem eleven update. Xiaomi acknowledged the difficulty, and halted the update rollout. it’s currently issued an announcement expression that it’ll provide free repairs to the affected Mi A3 units.

The golem eleven update for Mi A3 was unrolled last week, and shortly once Twitter was flooded with complaints from users. The update issue was therefore unhealthy that users couldn’t flip their phones on once putting in golem eleven. Xiaomi halted the update however it’s however to roll out a brand new one. the corporate is currently giving free repairs at its service centres across Bharat.

we’ve got since halted the rollout. we have a tendency to kindly request users UN agency expertise this issue to go to any of the two,000 and service centers across the country nearer to you whereby an answer are provided for free of charge flatly (within or on the far side warranty). we have a tendency to regret the inconvenience this has led to. As a complete committed to giving the simplest potential user expertise, we’ll unendingly improve our product and services,” Xiaomi aforementioned during a statement.

Xiaomi hasn’t given once it’ll roll out golem eleven once more for Mi A3. This case is analogous to what happened last year with the golem ten update for Mi A3. Xiaomi had to halt this update doubly since it had multiple bugs. Mi A3 additionally suffered a wired microcode update that disabled the second SIM card on the Mi A3.


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