WWE RAW RESULTS: 19/04 – Riddle shocks Orton, McIntyre wins, Asuka avenges Charlotte and more

WWE RAW RESULTS: 19/04 – Riddle shocks Orton, McIntyre wins, Asuka avenges Charlotte and more

The show starts with the arrival of Drew McIntyre. In a video recap, we see McIntyre secure the chance for another WWE Championship match last week after defeating Braun Strowman and Randy Orton.

In the ring he talks about winning last week’s No. 1 challenger match and also mentions the attack by T-Bar and Mace. He knew mastermind MVP was behind it. McIntyre wonders when will both of them take off those stupid masks and wear suits. But as far as the attack is concerned, he would like to return the favor.

MVP comes out and clarifies that he hasn’t recruited T-Bar and Mace. Rather, Bobby Lashley tried to downsize The Hurt Business and defeated McIntyre all by himself. McIntyre doubts, after all, Lashley tried to knock him out with the support of some superstars before WrestleMania.

McIntyre leaves the ring to confront MVP. Another devious attack by T-Bar and Mace follows. They both bring McIntyre into the ring and double chokeslam on him. Afterwards, both heels run into the backstage area, paying no attention to MVP. MVP looks happy.

Backstage: Kevin Patrick confronts T-Bar and Mace. But neither give a clear answer and ultimately only mean that they will exterminate McIntyre.

Backstage: McIntyre confronts Adam Pearce and demands a match against T-Bar & Mace. Pearce urges McIntyre to find a tag team partner for the match. McIntyre turns down a tag team partner.

1. Match
Tag Team Match
The Viking Raiders: Erik & Ivar defeated Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin after the Viking Experience against Alexander.

Backstage: Randy Orton recalls his WrestleMania match in an interview with Kevin Patrick. Nobody else could have added “The Fiend” like that. Orton admits McIntyre’s win last week, but will wait for the winner of the WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania Backlash. Riddle interrupts Orton’s interview and is thrilled because he has always wanted to meet an Apex Predator and wonders what that actually means. Since neither of them have a title, they should form a team called “RK-Bro”. Orton shows no interest and just walks away.

After another commercial break in the backstage area: Orton confronts Pearce and wants a match against this guy with the scooter tonight. (Note: A match between Randy Orton and Braun Strowman was advertised in the official Raw preview).

Video: Charlotte Flair returned to Raw last week.

Charlotte is in the ring talking about her promo from last week. She didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, she was just telling the truth. All the ladies in the locker room hate her, but no one can complain, because none of her fellow campaigners was taken from a planned WrestleMania match. “The Queen” claims that she can defeat Rhea Ripley and Asuka together. She doesn’t want to be disrespectful to Asuka, after all, Asuka is one of the best, but she doesn’t have to like the Japanese. Charlotte will show Asuka why she is “The Queen”.

Asuka interrupts. But before she can utter a word, Rhea Ripley shows up. Charlotte invites Ripley to sit at the ring after her match against Asuka so she can take some notes. Ripley accepts the offer, but thinks Asuka will defeat Charlotte.

Asuka wants to say something, but Charlotte keeps interrupting. Finally, Asuka can have her say and says, “I’ll beat you, B ** ch!”

Backstage: Riddle speeds past Orton on his scooter.

After on Raw: Drew McIntyre faces T-Bar & Mace in a 2-on-1 handicap match.

2. Match
Riddle defeated Randy Orton via Crucifix Pinfall – Riddle countered Orton’s RKO

After the match: Riddle triumphs while Orton is very angry.

Backstage: Pearce congratulates Sheamus on winning the United States Championship. Sheamus asks why Pearce invited him to his office. Recalling the great US champions of the past, Pearce noted that some of them got into the ring for open challenges. John Cena even did this weekly. Pearce knows that Sheamus is not Cena. Sheamus agrees, but accepts an open challenge, but not for the title.

3. Match
Non-Title Tag Team Match
Naomi & Lana defeated Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler after a double facebuster by Naomi & Lana against Baszler – during the match, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke came out and again presented on the video screen the events between them and Nia Jax from the previous week, which annoyed Jax chased Rose and Brooke out of the hall and left Baszler alone in the ring during the match.

Video: In an interview after WrestleMania, Bad Bunny talked about how happy he was and praised his tag team partner. Priest mentioned how hard Bad Bunny worked and therefore deserved this moment. Bad Bunny thanked everyone for the great cooperation, he also thanked the Latin Community and Priest.

The Miz and Maryse are in the ring for another edition of MizTV. The Miz claims that it was he who first introduced Bad Bunny. Because of this, Maryse referred to her husband as the greatest superstar of his generation. Both shower each other with praise until they kiss – and a fireworks display is set off while the ThunderDome audience boos both loudly. The Miz & Maryse celebrate with champagne.

The celebration is interrupted by Damian Priest. In his opinion, Miz was just as delusional as Jake Paul, who thought he was a real fighter. The Miz bragged about his win the week before, but didn’t mention how he won the match. In a video review we see the unfair victory of The Miz again. Priest wonders which man brags about such a victory. He also lost his pants and showed the whole world that he has no backbone.

Maryse says that if Priest wants a rematch, he can have it – The Miz is very surprised. Priest thanks Maryse and takes a sip of the champagne, but spits it out again because it’s inferior. Maryse pours her drink on Priest’s face and withdraws with The Miz..

Backstage: Riddle meets The New Day. Kofi Kingston congratulates Riddle on defeating Orton for hating “The Viper”. The two sides talk about pancakes, among other things, and after Riddle left, Kingston Woods asked if he understood what Riddle was talking about.

Before the next match: Elias introduces himself and Jaxson Ryker. When he tries to play his guitar, the sound of an electric guitar sounds. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are on the stage. Woods has brought an electric guitar and plays on it.

4. Match
Elias (w / Jaxson Ryker) defeated Kofi Kingston (w / Xavier Woods) after a flying elbow drop – during the match Woods distracted Elias with his electric guitar.

Alexa’s Playground: Alexa Bliss tells us everything about her doll Lilly. She claimed that Lilly was not new, that she had always been in Alexa’s life. We now see children’s pictures of Alexa with Lilly and she tells us a story about another girl who pushed her off the swing because Lilly had told her to. Alexa issues a warning because Lilly doesn’t like him and neither of us. The segment ends with giggling Lilly.

Backstage: Sarah Schreiber speaks to Rose and Brooke about their incorrect behavior tonight. Rose justifies her behavior, after all, Nia Jax started. When Nia Jax shows up, both women withdraw. Baszler arrives and confronts Nia because she has let her down. Baszler threatens Nia, but she replies: “Or something else?” Suddenly Angel Garza comes into the picture and asks Nia Jax what she saw in this circus clown Reginald. However, there is no answer.

5. Match
2-on-1 Handicap Match
Drew McIntyre defeated T-Bar & Mace by DQ after T-Bar and Mace hit McIntyre in the corner of the ring and didn’t stop, causing the referee to disqualify both.

After the match: Braun Strowman marches to Ring while T-Bar and Mace leave the four of them. This leads to the next match.

6. Match
Tag Team Match
T-Bar & Mace defeated Drew McIntyre & Braun Strowman by DQ after McIntyre tore Mace off the mask and after a slap from Mace, McIntyre used the mask as a weapon against the former Retribution member

After the match: Strowman storms into the ring and takes care of T-bar. Strowman tore off T-Bar’s mask and hit him with it. Afterwards, T-Bar and Mace can be celebrated on the stage.

After a commercial break before the next match: Maryse motivates her husband with a kiss.

7. Match
Damian Priest defeated The Miz (w / Maryse) with the hit the Lights – The Miz wanted to win the match the same way as in the previous week, but Priest saw through the plan

backstage: Asuka is preparing for the main Event match against Charlotte Flair.

Sheamus stands in the ring bragging about his United States Champion title until Humberto Carrillo shows up. Apparently the Mexican wrestler wants to challenge Sheamus. In the ring, Carrillo is attacked from behind by Sheamus and thrown out of the ring. Outside, Carrillo hits the ring barriers several times, Sheamus hammers Carrillo head first against the ring post. This is followed by a few punches before Sheamus hits Carrillo with his back against the ring post. Sheamus brings Carrillo back into the ring and knocks him down with the brogue kick. Sheamus then poses with his title.

Backstage: Charlotte Flair prepares for the main event match.

Before the last match of the evening: The reigning Raw Womens Champion Rhea Ripley sits down on a chair a few meters in front of the ring.

8. Match
Asuka defeated Charlotte Flair via Crucifix Pinfall – at the end of the match, Ripley intervened in the match unnoticed by the referee and grabbed Charlotte when Asuka was in Figure Eight, the Japanese escaped the hold and took advantage of the argument between the two women Match to be decided.


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