WWE News: Top 5 Goosebumps moment of Wrestlemania Check out

WWE News: Top 5 Goosebumps moment of Wrestlemania Check out

WWE Wrestlemania being WWE’s flagship event brings the most unexpected moments that lead to Goosebumps among the fans. There have been many such moments but we’ll present some of them today.

Here are the Top 5 Goosebumps moments of Wrestlemania:

Daniel Bryan becomes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Daniel Bryan fought Randy Orton and Batista at the Wrestlemania 30th for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. As the match starts, the 3 superstars engage into a brutal brawl. The encounter continues throughout the match where in the end Bryan takes Batista into his hands.

Bryan landed his submission onto poor Batista and won via submission. The crowd’s reaction to Daniel’s victory was massive.

HBK- End of an Era

Shawn Michael fought the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXV. WWE featured the match between the two as a Streak V/S Career match. The Dead Man Undertaker is known for his undefeated Wrestlemania streak. Meanwhile, the HBK Shawn Michaels is known as “Mr. Wrestlemania”.

Both the superstars landed into a singles match and engaged into a cutthroat competition. Towards the end of the match, Undertaker breaks the anxiety by landing the Tombstone Pile driver. During the 3 count pinfall, the fans were threatened by the referee more than the Undertaker.

The match ended with the 3-count ending Shawn’s career at the WWE.

End of the Dead Man’s Streak

The most shocking moment ever occurred at the WWE is the end of the Undertaker’s streak. The Dead Man fought the Beast Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30th in a singles match. The Conqueror Brock and The Phenom Undertaker’s battle was legendary. Still my favourite!

As soon as the Beast landed his 3rd F5, a 3-count pinfall was made making the streak 21-0. All of the WWE fans stood up from their seats after witnessing such disaster.

Cena’s Wrestlemania return

John Cena’s return at the Wrestlemania XXV is still the best return as well as the best Wrestlemania entrance ever. It started with the usual Cena’s entrance song playing. The catch is that an army of people dressed up as John Cena and forming a line were outside the entrance. Cena’s entrance gave the audience Goosebumps.

Edge on Fire: Wrestlemania XXII

This does not mean that Edge played well. That he did. But, along with that, he was “Literally” on fire. Wrestlemania XXII featured a Hardcore match between the Edge and Mick Foley. Lita, Edge’s Girlfriend lit a table on fire towards the end.






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