World Divyang T10 Premier League onboards Puma as sponsor for Season 2

World Divyang T10 Premier League onboards Puma as sponsor for Season 2

World Divyang T10 Premier League has made the announcement of Season 2 of its cricket matches for the specially-abled individuals who are passionate about cricket. They have acquired Puma, a premium brand, as their sponsor for the upcoming season. The Para-cricket association of India is the organizer of this league which is scheduled to begin in the month of April 2022 and will be taking place in a stadium in Noida.

The latest season of the World Divyang T10 Premier League will be comprised of a total of eight teams. It will be an opportunity for all those differently-abled cricket enthusiasts, who have not yet received the chance of playing the game due to their physical limitations, to enter the cricket universe without the fear of being judged. There are players from all across the globe including countries like Bangladesh and Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka. Some of the players are even former Para-Olympic Champions who have represented their nations on a global scale.

Puma is a leading manufacturer and seller of a wide variety of sports for maximum athletic output. Puma has some premium quality casual and sports shoes for every purpose. The international footwear brand crafts athletic shoes for every kind of outdoor activity and sport including running, walking, training, cricket, badminton, football, and basketball. They also sell trendy and cool sneakers, slip-on, flip-flops, and sandals in their outlets all across the world. Combining vintage sportswear style with modern performance-oriented design, Puma has become the go-to Sportswear brand for both men and women.

Being enthusiastic to be a part of World Divyang T10, Puma in India, puma shares, “The vision behind World Divyang T10 Premier League is to provide a stage to all those talented players who have always been ignored, they are talented players with special conditions. . It has been an honor to be associated with such a brand for one year now. I am looking forward to the matches and to seeing what kind of wonders our players can do in the field. It will surely be a treat for all the cricket fans all around the world.”

Talking about his endeavor, Founder Rajeev Mishra said, “In India, cricket is more a religion and less a sport. With World Divyang T10 Premier League, I am seeking to take the sport to another level. Mishra is also the president of the para cricket association of India. I am hoping that this initiative will make sports, in general, and cricket, in particular, more inclusive than ever.”

The second edition of the unique cricket league will be held under the guidance of the Para-cricket Association of India has been appointed as the caretaker of all the proceedings. The World Divyang T10 Premier League has already helped the specially-abled players to explore the new horizons of success through cricket and the upcoming season will be a new feather to its cap.

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