Vasan Eye Care founder Dr AM Arun dies in Chennai

Vasan Eye Care founder Dr AM Arun dies in Chennai

Dr AM Arun, the founding father of Vasan Eye Care, died in Madras on weekday morning. The reason behind death continues to be unclear.

According to reports. Arun (51) suffered a colossal asystole on weekday morning and was rush to a personal hospital in Madras wherever he was pronounced dead. per the police, quoting preliminary inputs, aforementioned the death looked as if it would be solely of natural causes. However, few alternative media reports steered that Arun died by suicide.

A case of suspicious death has been registered by town police. The body was sent to the Omandurar Multi-Specialty Hospital for postmortem.

“He (Dr. Arun) was found inactive in his home and was rush to a hospital. we have a tendency to perceive from the inputs that his death wasn’t by suicide,” a senior police official told PTI.

Starting his career by absorbing alittle medical look in Tiruchirappalli, Arun attained a name of over sixty years and went on to make a network of eye care hospitals in multiple locations. The tending cluster, which incorporates Vasan tending non-public restricted and Vasan Medical Centre (India) non-public restricted, had two-faced searches by the taxation department on their premises associated an charm connected to the proceedings conjointly was filed within the Madras state supreme court.

Congress Lok Sabha MP from Tamil Nadu’s Sivaganga, Karti P Chidambaram aforementioned he’s “saddened by the untimely passing away” of Arun. “He was a pioneer World Health Organization unreal & designed a good company that attracted huge letter @Sequoia_India @sequoia @Temasek, sadly, was hounded by agencies for collateral functions. RIP,” he tweeted.


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