US Judge blocks TikTok ban, due to orders from high authroties

US Judge blocks TikTok ban, due to orders from high authroties

The Department of Commerce of the US had issued an executive order to Apple and Google to ban WeChat and TikTok from their app stores, but now US District Judge Carl Nichols blocked the choice.


The judge said the govt ”must file a response to an invitation by TikTok for a preliminary injunction or delay the order by 2:30 pm EDT Friday.

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A similar situation is occurring in California, with a federal judge issuing a preliminary injunction blocking the ban of WeChat – another platform, owned by a Chinese conglomerate Tencent. consistent with TikTok, the restrictions “are not motivated by a real national security concern” but are rather getting used as leverage within the upcoming general elections.

Last Saturday saw a special kind of delay to the ban after “positive developments” – Walmart and Oracle reportedly will join hands in purchasing a minor stake in TikTok Global – a replacement subsidiary by ByteDance that’s supposedly getting to make TikTok a platform for influencers and makes to market products while doing their silly dances.the US to defend the choice.

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