US Congress certifies Joe Biden’s win: The who’s who of president-elect’s cabinet

US Congress certifies Joe Biden’s win: The who’s who of president-elect’s cabinet

The u. s. Congress, within the early hours of January seven, formally declared Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because the next North American country president and vice chairman severally. The confirmation suggests that January 19 are going to be president Donald Trump’s final day within the White House, with the Biden-Harris pair set to be sworn-in future day.

Since he was declared because the president-elect by the North American country media in November, Biden has declared his nominees for many key portfolios. aside from the vice chairman, UN agency is nonappointive aboard the president, the cupboard nominees area unit appointed solely when confirmation by the US Senate. Here’s a glance at a number of the nominees declared by Joe Biden:

1. Antonius Blinken (secretary of state): A former deputy national security adviser and deputy secretary of state, Blinken was appointed by Biden because the incoming secretary of state on November twenty three, 2020. Blinken can succeed incumbent microphone Pompeo, UN agency is that the seventieth person to carry this workplace.

2. Janet Yellen (secretary of treasury): A former chairwoman of the North American country Federal Reserve System, and also the initial lady in this post, Yellen was appointed by Biden on November thirty, 2020. If confirmed, Yellen will be the primary feminine secretary of treasury of the North American country. she’s going to succeed the incumbent and 77th treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin.

3. histrion capital of Texas (secretary of defense): appointed on holy day of obligation, 2020, capital of Texas served because the twelfth commander of the North American country Central Command (CENTCOM), of that he was the primary black commander. He conjointly served because the thirty third vice chief of workers of the USA. If confirmed, he’ll be the twenty eighth secretary of defense, and also the initial African-American to carry the position. He can succeed St. Christopher Miller, UN agency has been serving in AN acting capability since November 2020 when Trump’s sacking of Mark Esper.

4. Merrick Garland (attorney general): On January seven, 2021, Biden declared Garland as his choose for professional general. Garland’s nomination came on on a daily basis Biden himself was formally certified as president-elect. Garland can succeed acting professional general Jeff Rosen UN agency took over when William Barr, the eighty fifth professional general, resigned.

5. Alejandro Mayorkas (secretary of Homeland Security): The department of state security can get its initial regular resident since Apr 2019 once Mayorkas takes over the position. declared as campaigner on November twenty three, 2020, Mayorkas are going to be the seventh secretary of Homeland Security.

6. adult female Haaland (secretary of interior): appointed on December seventeen, 2020, Haaland are going to be the primary native yankee to move the department of interior, and also the initial native yankee cupboard secretary. she’s going to succeed David Henriette Rosine Bernard, UN agency has been serving in acting capability since Apr 2019.

Other names declared by Biden embrace Tom Vilsack (secretary of agriculture), Gina Raimondo (secretary of commerce), Marty Walsh (secretary of labour), Jennifer Granholm (secretary of energy) etc.


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