Umar Khalid alleges Tihar jail staff put him under solitary confinement, asks court why is he being punished

Umar Khalid alleges Tihar jail staff put him under solitary confinement, asks court why is he being punished

Former JNU student Umar Khalid told a metropolis court Thursday that he has been unbroken underneath solitary by Tihar Jail authorities for many days and asked the court why was he being tarred-and-feathered. “I want security however security can not be that I cannot leave the least bit. this can be sort of a penalization, why am I been given this punishment?”, he asked the court throughout the hearing.

Khalid was made before further Sessions choose (ASJ) Amitabh Rawat beside co-accused JNU student, Sharjeel imaum in reference to a UAPA case filed within the northeast metropolis riots. The court then summoned the Jail Superintendant to seem before it on Friday.

When the hearing began, Special lawyer Amit Prasad, showing for the metropolis Police, affected associate degree application seeking thirty days of judicial custody for Khalid and imaum. ASJ Rawat, however, hip to Prasad that he was unwell and since he couldn’t look into the case files, he cannot grant the request for extension of their judicial custody.

As the court mounted subsequent date of hearing, Khalid’s counsel Trideep Pais told the court that Umar has been raising his hand for a few time as he needed to mention one thing.

When the court granted Khalid permission to talk, he told the court, “Your honour, I simply needed to bring your attention to some events that have happened within the jail. i’m aware that you just have passed associate degree order on seventeen October expression that i might run adequate security cowl and can be able to continue with my routine day to day with none discrimination. However, for the last 3-4 days, I even have been not allowed to leave of my prison cell, it’s much solitary. no one is allowed close to my cell. i’m not allowed to leave of my cell. nobody is allowed to speak to American state. I needed to merely bring this to your notice as a result of this can be in dispute of your orders”.

Khalid then told the court a few visit by a jail superintendent recently once he was unchained for 10 minutes. “In the morning, the jail superintendent visited American state and that i noticed that this can be fully not right what’s happening and this can be the grievance I even have. The superintendent assured American state that I (jail cell) ought to be opened. once he was there, i used to be unchained for 10 minutes, then he left and therefore the jail workers and that i haven’t been allowed outside ever since. this can be solitary, I even have additionally not been well for the past three days and not been allowed to walk…as my comfort. i want security however security can not be that I cannot leave the least bit. this can be sort of a penalization, why am I been given this punishment?” Khalid aforesaid.

Khalid additionally told the court that he wasn’t allowed to talk on to the choose throughout video conferencing hearings by the jail workers. “I would additionally such as you to inform the jail workers to unmute American state. as a result of after they needed to talk to you they weren’t unmuting American state and aforesaid that unless and till a choose asks you to unmute, we tend to can’t allow”.

ASJ Rawat directed the jail workers sitting beside Khalid to seem before the camera and told him, “If the inmate needs to mention one thing then inform the court and decision the jail superintendent tomorrow.”

On Sep twenty four, the court had sent Khalid to judicial custody when he was allowed to satisfy his oldsters one last time before coming into the jail premises.

Khalid has been in remission in reference to a UAPA case investigated by the Special Cell of metropolis Police.

According to police, associate degree FIR was registered against Khalid on March vi supported data provided by associate degree betrayer to sub-inspector Arvind Kumar of the narcotics unit of the Crime Branch. As per the FIR, Kumar aforesaid the betrayer told him that the Northeast metropolis riots in Gregorian calendar month was a part of a “premeditated conspiracy” allegedly hatched by Khalid, one Danish, and 2 others related to completely different organisations.

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