UEFA Champions League (UCL)News: Liverpool best comebacks on European nights

UEFA Champions League (UCL)News: Liverpool best comebacks on European nights
Anfield has been to some of the most miraculous Champions League comebacks from Liverpool and tonight could be just the same.
Liverpool is trailing 3-1 against Real Madrid after the first leg of the quarterfinals at Madrid and will look to complete the uphill task of overturning this deficit.
Liverpool’s best comebacks in Champions League history have mostly come at home.
And this could be the perfect blue-print for tonight’s showdown clash against Real Madrid.
We visit the Reds best comebacks in European history
The Reds were 3-1 down in the UEFA Europa League quarterfinals against Borussia Dortmund and were back home for the 2nd leg hoping to do the unthinkable.
ImageAnd it turned to be a special night as Liverpool beat Dortmund 4-3 at home and qualified with a 5-4 aggregate in their favor.
It was Dejan Lovren’s goal in extra time which sent Liverpool through with a thumping header to spark chaotic celebrations from the Kop.
Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang put the visitors 2-0 ahead before Origi pulled one back for the hosts.
Reus made it 3-1 before Coutinho and Sakho’s strikes pulled Liverpool to 3-3.
But with literally no time remaining, Lovren score the winner in the 91st minute to send Liverpool through.
Klopp’s men succumbed to a 3-0 defeat at Camp Nou in the first leg of the semi-finals and looked distorted.
ImageBut what happened next will always be remembered in Liverpool folklore as the Reds beat Barcelona 4-0 at home and qualified to the finals of the 2018-19 Champions League 4-3 on aggregate.
Origi and Wijnaldum scored two goals each to send the Anfield into delirium as unparalleled joy hit the streets.
It was the crucial 79th minute when Barcelona were caught napping from a corner.
Alexander-Arnold sent a quick ball while the Barcelona defense was caught sleeping.
Origi calmly scored the winner and completed one of the bravest and greatest comebacks.
This was the catalyst which led to Liverpool winning the title in that season.
AC MILAN VS LIVERPOOL (25th May, 2005)
It was the UEFA Champions League final in Istanbul as AC Milan faced Liverpool.
ImageThis was probably not only Liverpool’s best comeback but also one of sport’s spectacles ever witnessed.
Paolo Maldini and Crespo’s brace put Milan 3-0 ahead at half time.
In the second half, Liverpool launched a comeback and scored three goals in a dramatic six-minute spell to level the scored 3-3.
Gerrard, Šmicer and Alonso scored to send the match into penalties.
Dudek denied Shevchenko’s crucial spot-kick to give Liverpool a 3-2 win on penalties and make them champions of Europe.
This was easily Liverpool and football’s greatest European night ever.

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