Trujet plane makes emergency landing at Chennai airport; passengers safe

Trujet plane makes emergency landing at Chennai airport; passengers safe

Craft happiness to Trujet airline certain for Mysore from Belgaum last night created Associate in Nursing aeroplane landing at the airdrome here thanks to undercarriage issue and got stuck on the most runway, authorities were same on Tues.

However, there have been no casualties nor anyone was cut within the incident.

The 52 passengers, as well as 5 crew members Associate in Nursingd a babe, were safely exhausted from the runway itself, a PIB unleashes same.

The craft, that left Belgaum for Mysore, was entertained to Madras thanks to ‘landing gear issue’, it said.

The plane, that safely landed at the most runway here, couldn’t be additional taxied on its own because the undercarriage got stuck.

“Aircraft landed at Madras airdrome at 2108 hours and will not taxi off its own and stopped on the most runway”, the discharge same.

Later the craft was towed to the parking bay, it said.

With the plane obtaining stuck on the most runway, the secondary runway was placed into operation at the airdrome and as several as 9 flights safely landed victimization it.

After Associate in Nursing hour of the incident, the most runway resumed for operation.

A Boeing 787 craft, which needs the main runway for landing purpose, was entertained to Bengaluru thanks to the incident, the discharge same.

The airdrome emergency response team was deployed straightaway to avert any incident and were swift to impact touchdown of the craft, the discharge same.

Meanwhile, pictures of the broken undercarriage went infective agent on varied social media platforms.

Trujet failed to respond to an email sent by PTI seeking clarifications on the incident.

Officials of Trujet conjointly failed to answer messages sent to them.


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