To highlight Covid-19 crisis, Assam artist creates Durga idol using medical waste

To highlight Covid-19 crisis, Assam artist creates Durga idol using medical waste

Tablet by pill, strip by strip, Assam-based creative person Sanjib Basak burnt the time of day oil for nearly sixty days to make an excellent idol of immortal Durga, exploitation quite thirty,000 capsules and syringes.

Despite the continuing Covid-19 pandemic taking out the refulgence of Durga puja festivities, the annual pageant remains being celebrated with eclat and show in components of province. With theme pujas being integral to the pageant, many artisans this year have given a coronavirus twist to Durga idols to extend awareness among the plenty.

However, for Basak, United Nations agency has been creating immortal Durga idols for the past eight years exploitation waste materials like used match sticks and wires, this year’s idol couldn’t be complete while not merging the pandemic with the pageant.

In 2019, Basak’s name was supplemental within the province Book of Records for creating Associate in Nursing idol of immortal Durga exploitation waste electrical wires deliberation 166 metric weight unit.
“Every year I try and return up with new concepts to form the idol. This year, I noticed that in the internment, tons of individuals were standing in long queues to shop for medicines. However, several retailers didn’t have enough stock and other people had to travel from one search to a different to shop for the required medication,” he told the

Moreover, Basak, United Nations agency works with the Disaster Management Department in Dhubri, typically had to go to drug stores to obtain medicines as a neighborhood of his Covid-19 duty. throughout his visits, he discovered that stores wont to throw away its stock of terminated medicines. “Often, shopkeepers provide terminated medicines back to the corporate. But, this time, attributable to the internment, they might not do thus. Hence, there was tons of waste stock,” he added.

whereas making idols with waste materials is nothing new, Basak aforesaid he came up with the concept since his department had been specializing in waste management within the past few years. (Source: Sanjib Basak)
That was once it dawned upon him to apply the terminated tablets, capsules and syringes from medical stores to make a Durga idol. while not more flurry, Basak got right down to work once the second internment was enforced. “This was my thanks to do one thing towards the social facet of it. If we will use the wasted half, then why not.”

“During Covid-19, tons of importance is being given to medicines and vaccination and as I wished to form a novel Durga idol. that’s after I came up with the concept of exploitation terminated medicines,” he said.

Basak has been creating immortal Durga idols for the past eight years exploitation waste materials. (Source: Sanjib Basak)
An arts graduate, Basak is not any skilled idol maker and commenced attempting his hand in varied art forms as a hobby whenever he got spare time. However, the 37-year-old has received many awards for his inventive Durga idols within the past eight years.

In 2019, Basak’s name was supplemental within the pro

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