Startups’ registration at GeM more than doubled to 7,438 in last one year: Official

Startups’ registration at GeM more than doubled to 7,438 in last one year: Official

The number of startups registered at public procural portal GeM has quite doubled to seven,438 within the last one year and that they ar receiving several orders from government departments and public sector units, a senior official same.

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) was launched in August 2016 for on-line purchase of products and services by all the central government ministries and departments.

“We currently have forty eight,038 buyers, 7.42 100000 sellers with two.42 100000 MSEs (micro and little enterprises), 7,438 startups, 10,252 product classes, and 173 service classes. One year past, we had 40,275 buyers, 2.98 100000 sellers, 59,536 MSMEs, and 3,509 startups,” GeM chief executive officer Talleen Kumar told PTI.

He same that providing exaggerated market access to merchant teams like startups, and MSEs has strengthened the build in Asian nation initiative.

Startups have consummated orders price over Rs one,800 large integer through the marketplace, Kumar same adding GeM is taking variety of steps so additional and additional startups, MSMEs, artisans and weavers will register their merchandise and services on this platform.

“Presently, over 20,000 artisans and one.2 100000 weavers have registered to date as sellers and ar uploading merchandise in their relevant classes,” Kumar additional.

About the steps taken for startups, he same the portal started a ‘Startup Runway’ so these entrepreneurs will showcase their innovative merchandise and solutions, and that they can even list multiple merchandise with least technical specifications.

Further, he same a replacement and advanced version of the platform are going to be launched shortly which is able to have powerful options and accessibility of massive price ticket things to draw in massive consumers like PSUs, Railways and Defence.


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