Sourav Ganguly fit enough to fly plane, run marathon, his heart is strong: Dr Devi Shetty

Sourav Ganguly fit enough to fly plane, run marathon, his heart is strong: Dr Devi Shetty

Former athlete Sourav Ganguly will run a marathon and fly a plane as his heart is as robust because it was once he was twenty, aforesaid viscus medico Devi Shetty when examining the Board of management for Cricket in Asian country president at a hospital in city on Tuesday.
Ganguly was hurried to the hospital on weekday when he complained of pain whereas understanding at a athletic facility. He underwent surgical procedure when 3 little blockages were detected in his arterial blood vessel.
“This event won’t have an effect on his mode or lifetime. he’s attending to lead a traditional life like anybody else. Sourav will participate in a very marathon, fly a plane, or perhaps retreat to to cricket if he desires while not this event being any occurrence as his heart has not suffered any harm. He will begin functioning from home as shortly as he reaches home,” aforesaid Shetty.
Ganguly is anticipated to be free from the hospital on Wed. He would air oral medications and monitored on a everyday reception. Doctors have suggested him to bear 2 a lot of surgical procedure for the opposite blockages when 2 to 3 weeks.
it might be an honest plan to travel for surgical procedure. we’ve got left it for him to make a decision. He will stay up for time period then take a decision,” aforesaid Shetty.
He additional Ganguly’s event has jolted the globe raising an issue on however a 48-year-old jock like him, UN agency doesn’t drink, smoke, or has the other vices, may be a work man, will have a coronary failure.
“Irrespective of however strict you’re along with your mode, regardless of however athletic you’re, you’ll be able to still have a coronary failure if you are doing not go a preventive heart check-up at regular intervals,” he said. He additional this event might are foreseen years past and been prevented had Ganguly undergone check-ups.


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