Singer Kumar Sanu tests positive for coronavirus

Singer Kumar Sanu tests positive for coronavirus

Singer Kumar Sanu has tested for coronavirus. The singer’s team took to his Facebook page to inform fans and followers about the COVID-19 diagnosis. The post on the page read, “Unfortunately Sanuda has tested Corona positive, please pray for his healthiness . Thank you.”

In a chat with Bombay Times, Sanu had recently revealed that he was going to fly to the US to spend time alongside his wife Saloni. He had said, “I am eagerly waiting to be with my wife Saloni, daughter Shannon and Annabel for an extended time and now finally, ready to | I’ll”> I will be able to be spending my birthday, October 20, with them.”

Now, his plans have inevitably changed as his wife told the publication that the singer might visit them after November 8, if he feels better by then. She also added that if he’s still unwell, the family will come right down to Mumbai to spend time with him.

Kumar Sanu’s son Jaan Kumar Sanu is currently seen on Bigg Boss 14. Before his son entered the reality show, the Aashiqui singer shared a video on Instagram urging his fans to support his son.

In the video, he said, “Today i’m very happy that my son Jaan goes to the Bigg Boss house. He has all my good wishes, blessings and luck with him. I request all of you to remain him in your blessings so that he achieves success and wins the game show. I might such as you all to send him good wishes too. Please support him.”99999999PP.

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