Selling crackers without licence in Amritsar? Beware

Selling crackers without licence in Amritsar? Beware

The district administration is probably going to issue ten licences for the retail sale of firecrackers previous Diwali on Wednesday.

The Amritsar Fireworks Association, chief, Harish Dhawan, aforesaid they might get solely 3 days for the sale of firecrackers beginning tomorrow. He asked however will they sell daft procured from the urban center Region (NCR) in such a brief span once their stocks were lying full.

He aforesaid over Rs80,000 was endowed in fixing temporary kiosks because the Improvement Trust charged Rs34,267 and Rs30,000 for establishing it. additionally, fireplace extinguishers were procured and miscellaneous expenses would take the whole investment on temporary cracker market in New Amritsar space to over Rs80,000 per head.

Traders aforesaid daft emanating minimum pollution were procured from Sivakasi (Tamil Nadu) now. officers of the Explosive Department disbursed the scrutiny of all godowns. There area unit thirty two licence holders within the town UN agency deal within the producing, storage and possession of daft. These embrace 2 Union Government licensed banger producing units and over thirty storages, with every of them having a capability to take care of nearly one,500-kg stock.

The fossil fuel and Explosive Safety Organisation (PESO), Department for Promotion of trade and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, allocates licences to those traders, UN agency wish to sale and store firecrackers on top of 600 weight unit.

Two major banger producing units within the district area unit settled at Ibban Kala village on the Chhabal road and another at Rajewal village on the Amritsar-Jalandhar GT Road. These area unit allowed to manufacture phuljhadi (sparkle) and anaar (flower pot).

In addition, there area unit fifteen godowns available and stock at Rajewal village.

Earlier, the administration had received a pair of,800 applications for fixing ten retail counters of firecrackers for the festal season.

What the principles say

As per the norms, seventy metre area around every temporary stall ought to be hospitable sky and generators ought to be placed thirty metre removed from its radius.
No material is allowed to be unbroken outside the stall and no overstocking of firecrackers would be tolerated.

Had we tend to been given licences some days before, this might have offered enough time to consumers to obtain daft. Thus, it’d have avoided gathering of an oversized variety of individuals thereby making certain implementation of social distancing norm. Varinder Singh, a cracker monger

Our counterparts in Jalandhar and Ludhiana have already been allowable to open retailers 2 days before. we tend to were denied trade on a par within the region. Romi Singh, another monger


The licences for the retail sale of firecrackers are discharged solely when browsing the most recent orders of the National inexperienced assembly. Action would be taken against people who sell daft while not having relevant licence. Jagmohan Singh, DCP (Law & Order)


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