Sanchari Vijay dies at 38

Sanchari Vijay dies at 38

Sanchari Vijay dies at 38

Kannada actor Sanchari Vijay, who met with a road accident on June 12 in Bengaluru, died at the age of 38 on Monday.

Sanchari Vijay began his acting career in the Kannada film industry with the 2011 release Rangappa Hogbitna. In the last 10 years, Vijay went on to act in several films. Kichha Sudeep and many other stars from the industry have offered their condolences. Fans too have paid their tributes to the actor.

His last film:

Vijay’s popular films included Harivu, Killing Veerappan and Aduva Gombe. He was last seen in the ACT 1978, which released in 2020.

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